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Here are some of our many successes.

Website Development, Application Development & Staff Augmentation

In 2009 LegalZoom.com, Inc. was an established, successful company delivering legal solutions to millions of customers in the U.S. and Canada. With annual sales of more than US$ 100 million it opted to move from a start-up cash-based accounting system to an accrual based system.


Website Development

The idea behind WorkSearch.com came from its founder and Chief Executive Officer Kenny Berger (pictured), who had experienced his own frustrations with hiring in his other businesses. The problem? The core ‘engine’ of the system, a back-end database/API, had been successfully developed by an experienced software engineer, but after two different software development companies tried and failed to deliver the front-end and bring it all together.

College Of Management Mahidol University

Website Development & Application Development

Mahidol University (CMMU) is currently the number one university in Thailand, and Lanna SoftWorks worked with the College of Management – a branch of the university – with offices in Bangkok, Thailand. The university is authorized to be a center of knowledge regarding the Sufficiency Economy program created by the late King Rama 9 of Thailand. The university allowed CMMU to be the host for this project.

Samui Eco-point – ETE

Mobile App Development

ETE partnered with Thailand’s Ministry of Energy and the Koh Samui Municipality to jointly create an awareness campaign to reduce carbon usage on the island of Koh Samui. Alongside the campaign, they required a tool to engage many people, including Koh Samui residents, government officials, business owners and tourists.

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